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Virtual Domain IMAP Server


April 30 2003 - Patrik Hall -

This release of imap-2002c1 has support for linuxconf Virtual Domain Pop-users. Linuxconf offers a way to define users for virtual domains by storing passwd entries in directory /etc/vmail/, shadow entries in /etc/vmail/ and aliases in /etc/vmail/ Inbox is stored in /var/spool/vmail/ and home directory in /vhome/ Home directory however is parsed from the passwd entry of the user. Passwords are stored using standard crypt()-encapsulation, no matter what kind the system uses for regular accounts. This means that PAM authentication is used for regular users and standard authentication for virtual users.

This release of imap supports two ways of determining use of virtual domain. If the client connects to imap using other IP than main system, the domainname is parsed from the hostname of the IP. If the IP resolvs to, imap checks if /etc/vmail/ exists to validate if the domainname is ok. If not, /etc/vmail/ is also checked. If both fails main domain is used. This functionality is aimed to be identical to vpop3d bundled with linuxconf.

Users can also enter "" as username to imap. imap will then use corresponding domainname. This enables use of virtual domains with one single IP. Aliases are also solved to account level, making it possible to use both the and if Full.Username is mapped to username in aliases file.

Some versions of Netscape will not work with "@"-character in username field, "#"-character as well as "/"-character can also be used.

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